Building Energy Solutions Ready To Work For You

In most existing buildings, modifications are readily available, although not always easy to discover. Once correctly analyzed, we will find solutions to decrease energy and optimize efficiencies within the existing infrastructure.

List of Services
Solar Solutions
Geothermal Systems
Exterior Lighting Evaluations
Interior Lighting Evaluations

Maintenance Of Systems

It’s vital to properly maintain all your building systems, whether new or existing.  Understanding the entirety of these systems—when to check, what to manage, frequency of this maintenance, life cycle of equipment, and budgeting for repair or replacement.  

We’ll provide a comprehensive list of all necessary equipment, along with a proper, thorough, and complete maintenance schedule for your team to track, or finding the right contractor is equally as important.

Having the right contractor for your building ensures that you’re getting exactly what you paid for, and precisely what your building demands, with nothing more and nothing less! With our frequent, scheduled audits, we routinely review and ensure that all work is completed as documented, with no padding, and no shortcuts. Want someone to discuss pricing for repairs or replacement that can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we can help.

List of Services
Complete Building Audits
Thermal Imaging – Building Envelope –Thermal Component Audits
Mechanical System Evaluation
Test and Balance
GPM Flow Testing
Mechanical Control Audits
Mechanical System Audits
Lighting evaluation
Lighting Control Audits
Maintenance Programs
Aerial Diagnostics / Photography

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