Madison Riverfront New Super Overlook

projec type
Overlook for the Patrons of Madison and Madison Regatta Judges Stand
Project Start Date
February 5, 2021
project Completion date
April 22, 2022
Madison, Indiana

Client: Madison Riverfront Development Committee, Madison Regatta Committee, and The City of Madison

Architectural Design: Building Analysis Services and K-4 Architects

Civil Design: Land Consultants

Structure Design: GEI Engineering

History: The current location of the Madison Overlook has been there since the early eighties. Its main purpose was to be used for the Madison Regatta every July 4th weekend, and for patrons to utilize the first level for overlooking the vast beauty of the Ohio River.

New Design: While the new design is still to serve the Regatta which we are more than doubling the size for their ability to better serve their race fans. It will better serve the community for local events and to improve the overall look that the Riverfront Development Committee have been diligently improving over the past few years.

SCOPE OF WORK; TOPOGRAPHIC AND CONTROL SURVEYING WORK: Prepared a Topographic Map of the Project Area,including ground elevations as contours, utilities, storm sewers, and other infrastructure.Researched property boundaries of all adjacent landowners to the City owned property and locate all right of ways, known easements, etc. Prepared Base Map of Project Site for use in the Construction Drawings and Tied site into published State horizontal and vertical benchmarks.

PRELIMINARY PLAN: Prepare a Preliminary Plan showing the layout of the Terraced lawn and concrete pad area 1, Prepare Grading Plan for the project area, Prepare a Demo Plan of existing steel structure, Coordination with Geotechnical Engineer for boring locations, Coordination of revisions to the Steel structure with input from the City, Geotechnical boring, testing, and report (Subcontract to CTL Engineering)

Electrical Design Services: Site survey of existing electrical systems, Coordination with a licensed electrician to locate existing circuits and power infrastructure, Modify power infrastructure for the boat ramp and site lighting, Relocated the main distribution panel for the new overlook area, Coordinated with Duke energy and local municipalities for the new location of the new meter base and distribution panel, Lighting Design for new (overlook and boat ramp area), Two Design review meeting with River Front Development Group and local municipalities also, Designed new step lighting  and Designed new stair lighting.

Plumbing Design: Design new domestic water infrastructure for new Super Overlook. Design new back flow domestic water system for flood plan. Design new water connection for the H-1 (Regatta Committee) Add drainage system to Super Overlook area.

Design Management: Coordinate with design teams, provide samples on materials for review for design review with River Front Development Group, Provide budgets for review before bid, and Coordinate construction process with local municipalities.

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