Ten20 Brewery

projec type
Historical Brewery
Brew Craft Beer and Restaurant
Project Start Date
August 15, 2019
project Completion date
November 24, 2020
Louisville, Kentucky

Project: TEN20 Craft Brewery 

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Client: TEN20 Craft Brewery

Architect: DKN Architects 

Civil Engineer: Sabak, Wilson & Lingo

History: Nestled in the Butchertown of Louisville, Kentucky, TEN20 Brewery was once Dryden Provision in the 1950’s era. The company was a former meat warehouse but also distributed and delivered meats, cheeses, poultry, and seafood from this location.  

New Design: Transform the existing structure into a new three-story brewery with bars, multiple restaurants, and garden terraces on second and third floors.  

Building Analysis Services Responsibilities: 

Mechanical: Designed heating and cooling systems for three floors includes heating only design for future areas, Building automation system for energy conservation, Located new heating and cooling units for the new addition and renovated spaces, Coordinated unit types and amount of controls required for all areas, Located new heating and cooling units for the new addition and renovated spaces, Coordinated unit types and amount of controls required for all areas, Coordination with LG&E to find rebates if applicable also, Provided new exhaust systems for brewery area, warehouse area, and bathrooms.  

Plumbing: Designed new domestic water entry service sized for Brewery needs and for future kitchen requirements, Designed new men and women's restrooms for all floors. (with water conservation), Natural gas service for new HVAC equipment, steam boiler, and kitchen hot water heaters, Designed new domestic hot water system and recirculation system for a future kitchen. Designed grease waste system for a future kitchen, Designed separation tank for brewery area. (per MSD requirements), Designed new sanitary waste and venting system. (including floor sinks, trench drains, and design review for process boiler drain system and future kitchen equipment) also, Isometric waste and vent drawing.  

Civil:   Assist with Sanitary, Storm, and domestic water locations and sizing.  

Process Piping for Brewery: Design new steam boiler piping for brewery equipment. Design new supply and return piping for new chilled water / glycol systems for new brewery equipment. Design new water filtration system for brewery equipment.   

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